Cumberland Plantation comprises 3,200 acres divided among seven closely situated properties with similar topographic and landscape features. Residences are located on three of the properties and outdoor events, including bird and animal hunting, are conducted on all of them.

Field hunting and European-style line shooting feature wild quail hunting in the fields and pheasant drives over established lines of shooters. All locations are suitable for quail while pheasant lines are limited to the main grounds of the Cumberland Plantation headquarters on Cumberland Road. Guests are free to access all 3,200 acres, with the exception of residences in which they are not lodged.

The Cumberland Plantation acreage is an attractive mixture of woodlands, varied game habitat and agricultural fields, all intermingled in a pleasant, rolling landscape of hills and marshes. Clients are free to choose the fields they prefer for hunts or allow us to make the selection. Likewise, well-furnished residences are available for hunters who desire overnight accommodations.

In hunting quail, we supply field transportation in the form of an elaborate quail truck that will transport up to a dozen hunters and spectators. We arrange dogs and guides although clients are encouraged to utilize their own dogs in the field as well. We clean and package your game and feed you well while you are in our care. Alcoholic beverages after the hunt are readily available.

Please contact us for information regarding our sporting packages and pricing which vary greatly dependent upon the activities selected and the number of birds sought.

Please contact us for the following:

  • Driven Pheasant Shoots
  • Quail Hunts
  • Commercial Shooting Events